Besides being essential to maintaining life, water hydrates the skin so it doesn’t become parched and dry—in short, aqua helps you maintain a youthful appearance. It bathes each cell in the body. Doesn’t matter if it’s bottled or tap, any good clean water will do the trick.

Green tea
The polyphenols—chemicals with potent antioxidant properties—in green tea could benefit overall skin health. In addition, these antioxidant properties may deactivate free radicals, by-products of sunlight, smoke and toxins that damage cells and tissue. What’s more, studies show green tea may offer protective anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Berry drinks
You’ll find any number of these trendy plant-juice supplements in most health food stores. And although many can’t claim science-backed health benefits, Dr. Ro endorses one of the latest: Revitalize & Renew by Sibu Beauty. It contains sea buckthorn—a berry found in the Himalayas that’s rich in omega-3, -6, -7 and -9 (essential fatty acids, or EFAs) and beta-carotene. “A one-ounce shot each day does the trick to help you achieve healthy beautiful glowing skin,” Dr. Ro says.

Tomato juice  
This blood-red beverage boasts high levels of lycopene, an antioxidant that protects the skin from the sun. The body best absorbs lycopene from processed tomatoes, such as tomato juice or soup.

Red wine
The grapes used to make this fine spirit contain high concentrations of skin-protecting polyphenols. Uncork a cabernet or pinot noir; these have the highest levels of the antioxidant.