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Los Angeles Condoms in Porn Mandate Takes Effect

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Gary Higo

Oh great, the government in our bedrooms or wherever you watch your porn. Next they will post the Pecker Patrol right outside our bedroom doors yelling wrap that rascal everytime a man gets a hard on. Yes, even when you are alone! rolls eyes

March 12, 2012

Todd N

As a gay man living with HIV since the early 90's, I like the personal choice to Bare Back. I also like BB porn. Were I a tad hunkier and younger, I would throw my "dick" in the ring (so to speak). I cherish the personal choice were I to choose to do so to not wear condoms with other HIV+ guys. Men who are HIV- have asked me to BB, and here is where I draw the line. I will never! This newest of legal mandates is short sighted and another bone headed plan(not unlike closing the baths early on).

March 9, 2012 Ohio

Jay Stephens

This is a joke, all they will do is stop filiming inside the city limits. If they pass a statewide requirement,then filming will just go elsewhere.

March 8, 2012 Fort Lauderdale


While I'm all for condom use there is such a thing as personal responsibility. If these actors make the choice to not use condoms it's on them. What these companies will do is shoot their movies from one block beyond the LA city limits. There is no way to enforce this law. What the City council should do is mandate sex education in public schools or require condom education at community centers.

March 8, 2012 New York


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