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The Voice of a Generation

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Steve Bisel

What we need is to find a CURE. Tthe science is moving in the right direction, but theresearch needs funding. Call or write to the National Institutes of Health, and tell them to put more of the money they spend researching HIV to actually researching an HIV cure. Right now only 3% of what the NIH puts toward HIV research goes toward HIV-cure research. Unless you are the drug company who is profiting, that makes no sense. The NIH works for us... see for more info

May 26, 2012 Sacramento

Felisa Shelby

Thank you Jamar for sharing your story. It takes brave individuals like ourselves to keep hope alive with this disease. If we give up and shut down who's left to help those that will be newly diagnosed. I've been positive for almost 14 years and I must be honest and say it took me 12 of the 14 years to come to reality with myself. I have now written a book sharing my story Entitled In the Storm Too Long. Jamar you keep hope alive whenever oppurtunity presents itself. I promise to do the same.

May 24, 2012 Lexington

Frederick Wright

I enjoyed the voice this season and enjoyed seeing this man become a better pro former and the healing that happen as he came out to be free by facing HIV openly, for in my experience coming out hiv when ready and supported creates freedom and breaks the chain of secrets and some self stigma. Come out Hiverss as your heart direct you,come out to face and. Fight the stigma for as one becomes free many will be free.

May 15, 2012 Ch


I am one voice from days past. Surviving not because it is my desire but my destiny. I have lived joyfully HIV positive for 23 years. Be strong for not what you have experienced but what you have become. There have been so many soldiers that path the way for you to stand strong and proud. I cheered every moment you were on The Voice because your voice became the angel that so many souls needed to lift themselves from the dispair of confusion to spiritual bliss. My hands reach out to you. Blessed

May 9, 2012 Las Vegas, Nevada


Kudos 2 Jamar!Id wish i couldve hav seen him on The Voice! I also had a drug problem which led 2 me getting hiv n 94. Im 52 now & living my life drug free. There needs 2 b a "voice" 4 this desease, they hav been so many cuts n the budget n my town, I say Best of luck Jamar & thank you!

May 8, 2012 ft. pierce


You are a true insperation! You are showing the world that you never know who is HIV positive anymore; as the person can look normal. I too was on the brink of death with my CD4 was also about 3. The best medicine I can recall,and still have is always being happy and being strong. I did end up paralyzed, and was never supposed to walk again; but I did. As long as you feel you can continue with your life, you will succeed. Best of luck and you will be the performer you wish to be.

May 6, 2012


Hello Jamar, i have been voting for you at the end of everyshow i have been positive for 21 years and very healthy I wish you health and happiness...and most of WIN the have an awesome voice and you you can sing to me anytime take care

April 29, 2012 boston


Thank you Jamar for the encouragement! I have been positive since 2004 and just last year began talking about it. Now, everyone in my family knows. Thank God! The shame is over. Well, your passion to rid this world of HIV stigma is SO needed. May you and I, as well as many others, have more opportunities to share our story with the world. God bless you, man! Stigma gotta go!

April 29, 2012 Dallas


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