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Indiana Law Allows HIV Tests by Providers Without Consent

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David must be an "aidstruth" troll funded by big pharma. The tests are so inaccurate it's scary and Jaysir, thank Goodness your intuition kicked in. You aren't infected with anything. Those tests react with just about anything except HIV!

April 23, 2012 New York


I was tested without consent or even being told it would be done. This was part of a new patient intake for an HMO. I was told I was HIV positive by a nurse on the telephone. No advice (there was none to give in 1987), no offer to set up an appointment to talk to a doctor! So I just lived my life without thinking about idea is that I will deal with the issue if I get sick. And I haven't yet--so f*ck you all! I will certainly see the doctors and nurses from that time buried!

April 18, 2012 Miami


An excellent step forward towards normalizing HIV... The more people tested, the sooner they can be helped... Only the nutty Aids, Inc. careerists will oppose this law.

April 17, 2012 New York

paul arrieta

So said Hitler ! Let's just make it worse;by pushing everyone who is Positive and scared,deep into the Closet!!!!!!!!!!!

April 17, 2012 port saint lucie


And since the trend is towards abuse against people who are poz, Ted, you would be right I be wary.

April 17, 2012


So, if you appear to be gay, this law will allow your doc to test you. I see problems with this. On the other hand, I could see where it would be of value for someone very ill in the hospital or not able to give consent. I was diagnosed in the hospital after getting bacterial pneumonia. I almost declined to allow them to test. If I did, I may have left not knowing and not have gotten into care. So, I am very conflicted about this. And, I see potential for abuse.

April 17, 2012 Louisville


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