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Chicago Clinic to Pay Over $2M for Misused HIV Study Grant

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Bruce Barnes

Mr Edwards is a walking time bomb. He is a megalamaniac who has padded Howard Brown's payroll by between 30 and 66% higher than it should be. Mr Edwards gets more than $325000 per year as ED. That's more than either the Mayor of Chicago or the Governor of Illinois. The Payroll at Howard Brown could be cut by more than 50% with the saved monies going to direct services for people with AIDS and HIV. FIRE EDWARDS and put someone who knows what they are doing in his place!

April 7, 2012 Chicago IL


I am so glad I stopped going to Howard brown while I was still living in Chicago. The way that place is ran is not right. If I ever go back to chitown I will be going back to Tpan. To Howard Brown karma came back and bit you in the *SS. Maybe you should treat your patients better next time.

April 3, 2012 tacoma wa


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