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Hollywood Finally Tackles Black Homophobia

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i wonder if hollywood can make any movies that don't include the "black and the gay". the last one i saw, "mamma mia" had a previously straight guy who conveniently turned gay, and then a black guy who of course had to be with a white woman. same theme over and over again. brainless pandering to the protected in our twisted society.

September 6, 2008


Hollywood "FINALLY" Tackles Black Homophobia? ... um, I suppose POZ.COM's writer was not born in 1976 to know of the absolutely wonderful Hollywood film NORMAN IS THAT YOU? starring Redd Foxx & Pearl Bailey with Tamara Dobson, Wayland Flowers & Madame & a theme song ONE OUT OF EVERY SIX that was written by Smokey Robinson and performed by Thelma Houston. 'Nuff said!! The hilarious movie is centred on Black homophobia (Foxx's) and covers a LOT more than just that!. T

December 8, 2007 Toronto, Canada


I fel it is about time because we all have someone in the family that gay and we love them just the same. It's good to see a film addressing the black gay life style in a positive and real way how long will it be before the film hit the main stream i wait to see it in city.

December 3, 2007 Las Vegas


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