If you want to fill in the strands you’ve lost in certain areas of your scalp from an otherwise full head of hair, here are a few of the more popular ways to do just that, according to several of many hair loss sites RH visited.

Keratin fibers. These strands are similar in their chemical makeup to human hair. These fibers are sprinkled, sprayed, sprinkled, or painted, onto the scalp and stick to even minimal amounts of hair already there. Keratin fibers cling to the hair growing from your scalp with static electricity so your hair appears thicker and fuller in thinning areas. Although the fibers stay put during most mild weather, heavy rain could dislodge them. In addition, heavy sweating, or too much handling, might also remove the fibers from the scalp.

Color-matched sprays.
These quick fixes come in a can. Simply spray them on areas where you’ve experienced hair loss and then blend in the color in the thinned-out area. Some people smooth the color into the thinned-out area while it’s still wet and then put a thin layer of gel over the hair there.

Cosmetic foundations. These makeups are made from color-infused emollients. Just apply to the scalp by layering the foundation on using a sponge applicator. Place the cosmetic on top of any existing hair on the thinned-out area and blend in well to reduce the visibility of your scalp.

If you’ve lost a lot of hair on your head, you may be wondering if a hair transplant could help replace the crowning glory you were born with. But before you book an appointment, click here and read this first.