Are you always smoothing those misbehaving strands until they’ve straightened up their act and transformed into a sleek done ’do? But what’s a girl to do when the first humid day threatens to undo all she’s done? Here’s the answer: Follow these tips from to keep those strands pin straight all week long.

Block Out Humidity

Whenever you straighten hair, the first section to rebel against the treatment is usually the section closest to your scalp—your roots. That’s because sweat and humidity attack this area first. To make your look last and last, apply a humidity-blocking product, or a leave-in conditioner with humidity protection or anti-frizz properties. The pay-off? These products contain ingredients that wrap each strand in a moisture-fighting, lightweight, protective film.

Skip the Spray

Do you straighten your hair and then apply a spray? If so, know that handling tresses in any way, such as putting it up in a pony tail or even running your fingers through it, will break the spray’s bonds and your hair. The result? Damage and fly-aways. What’s more, hair spray can cause product buildup on your scalp and strands, forcing you to wash your tresses more often (and stressing those straightened strands). If possible, skip the spray, or if you absolutely must spritz, use a “flexible” or a “natural hold” spray and aim at hair from as far away as possible.

Observe Shower Protection

Don’t let water droplets or steam seep into your shower cap and cause hair to frizz. Use a moisture-wicking headband to trap water in the fabric (instead of your roots), then put on a tight-fitting shower cap. And keep showers short and sweet.

Tie on a Scarf

Wrap or pin curl your hair at night, then cover with a scarf. Straight hair lasts longer when strands don’t rub up against each other while you sleep. A satin or silk scarf keeps hair in place and its edges oh-so-smooth. This may be a drag to add to your nighttime routine, but it ensures your day starts out straight-up beautiful.

Follow these tips and watch your straight-hair ’do last and last.

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