1. Brushing your hairline will help the hair grow.

a. True     b. False

2. You should avoid gluing baby hairs onto your weave.
a. True     b. False

3. Which method can damage the hairline?
a. Micro braids
b. Fusion weaves
c. Box braids
d. Any styling method that’s done improperly

4. Which of the following conditions can cause a receding hairline?
a. Tight braids
b. Ponytails
c. Buns
d. All of the above

5. What type of wig cap is the least likely to cause hair damage?
a. Cotton caps    
b. Nylon caps
c. Gel wig liners

6. You should remove bonding glue by…
a. Saturating the area with braid spray
b. Following the manufacturer’s instructions
c. Having a professional remove it
1) b. False. To protect the delicate hairs along the hairline, you should avoid excessive brushing; instead, smooth edges with your fingertips and apply a nutrient-rich hair product. 

2) a. True. These hairs can easily be ripped out when you remove the weaves.
3) d.
4) d.
5) c. Gel liners such as Comfy Grip Wig Liners have a therapeutic headband filled with medical-grade gel.
6) b & c. Removed improperly, bonding glue can rip hair out from the roots. Though you should remove bonding glue according to manufacturer’s directions, you should have weaves professionally taken out.