For years, women of color have suffered scalp burns and hair loss from using relaxers. These products are characterized by harsh chemical ingredients that create serious hair health problems. Until recently, women who wanted to straighten their curls had no alternative. But now they can try a kinder, gentler relaxer by Green-Wonders, according to a company press release.

Green-Wonders is a small, privately held, African-American company. It describes Naturalaxer Kit-In-A-Jar as the first organic, non-toxic and chemical-free relaxer.

“We use pure essential oil and shea butter with no added fragrances or harsh chemicals,” said Angela de Joseph, creator of the product line. “The Naturalaxer formula uses naturally occurring minerals to slightly raise the alkalinity or pH of the hair, which softens and loosens the curl texture.”

Most hair relaxers use sodium hydroxide or lye to straighten curly hair. But these chemicals break hair bonds, wear down hair cuticles and damage fragile black tresses.

This kind of damage is what de Joseph experienced from years of using chemical hair relaxers. Those experiences motivated her to create the non-toxic relaxer.

The Naturalaxer line includes a shampoo and conditioner, thermal styling oil, hair oil, gel and pure shea butter skin and hair conditioner. (Next year, the line may be available in beauty supply stores and retail chains.)

Green-Wonders is also the first African-American-owned company to sign the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Compact (CFSC). The CFSC is supporting cosmetics regulation legislation by the FDA.  

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