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Certain Meds Mixed With Grapefruit Juice Can Be a Fatal Cocktail

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On the other hand, the heightened blood plasma levels could be dangerous! So talk to your physician. I asked my pharmacist last week about the grapefruit interaction thing and she urged me to continue my moderate grapefruit habit, as so far no problem has arisen.

February 16, 2013


It used to be thought that grapefruit would slow elimination, but there is at least one study indicating that grapefruit increases bioavailability and has no effect on elimination. Grapefruit increases absorption of some drugs (and reduces the absorption of others). Specifically, some drugs that require an acidic stomach environment (like many HIV meds) can be absorbed more easily with grapefruit. Look for "Grapefruit juice enhances the bioavailability of the HIV protease inhibitor saquinavir"

February 16, 2013 Seattle


Looked at document...maybe someone could tell me the HIV meds that interfere...couldn't tell which specific ones...thanks

December 27, 2012 Atlanta


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