>> WALK IT OUT: Walking can be done anywhere. It’s low- impact, and all you need is a good pair of shoes—with arch support and rubber soles. Start with just 15 minutes, three times a week. To keep it interesting, bump up your time or speed, walk up hills or stairs and throw in a minute of light jogging now and then. Eventually, you’ll need to keep up a steady 20 to 30 minutes of heart-pumping movement to benefit your heart and burn fat. To stay motivated, walk to your favorite tunes, team up with a friend or start a walking club at your church.

>> POP IN A VIDEO: With exercise videos or DVDs, you can shape up in the comfort of your living room. Tae Bo, a form of aerobics that incorporates martial arts kicks and punches, is ever-popular (try Billy Blank’s Tae Bo Cardio, $12.95, amazon.com). Check video and music stores; you can also score pre-owned tapes, DVDs and fitness equipment online through eBay and ShopGoodwill.com.

>> KEEP IT CLOSE TO HOME: Great city or public facilities can be found right in your community. For $35 every 10 weeks, Chicago resident Paula Harris works out at a field house near her apartment. “My 73-year-old mom joined with me—she wound up losing 25 pounds in six weeks,” she says. Check your local hospitals and YMCA for free or low-cost fitness classes; nearby colleges may offer discounted gym memberships.

>> TAKE SMALL STEPS: Get outside and play with your kids, use the stairs instead of the elevator, park far away from the store when shopping. Most of all, have fun! Visit www.smallsteps.gov to find over 100 fitness ideas that can be incorporated into your everyday life.