Not interested in taking cod liver oil for your osteoarthritis? John La Puma, MD, physician and host of What’s Cooking With ChefMD? understands. Regardless of a food’s health benefits, if it isn’t tasty, you won’t eat it. In ChefMD’s Big Book of Culinary Medicine, La Puma offers 50 restaurant-quality recipes that can help prevent and treat common medical problems.

“What’s amazing is many foods and drinks in your kitchen can give you control over how much energy you have, how quickly you heal cuts and colds, how well you sleep, digest and more,” La Puma says.

But since tapping into your inner ChefMD can be overwhelming, the book’s eight-week, step-by-step program helps you create a personalized plan.

“The truth is when someone tells you to eat more fiber, they’re really telling you to chew on cardboard,” La Puma says. “[My recipes] prove that health is a flavor issue too.”

So go ahead: Eat and drink delicious stuff and be healthy too.