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HIV-Positive Man in Florida Arrested for Having Sex Without Disclosing

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Jeffery Parks

I'm all for laws mandating disclosure of your HIV status b4 sex...but the potential penalty in this case seems absurdly extreme. People with HIV (& i'm one of them) need to take responsibility for our actions & potential transmission of this virus just as much as people having sex need to take responsibility for their actions when it comes to protecting oneself. But, my main concern is that this law is based upon someone just stating someone didnt reveal their HIV status. This isnt evidence.

November 29, 2012 Benbrook


It takes two to tango, I am not saying that he is not guilty but 50 years and 50,000 in Fines. Lets get a Mob together and hang him like they did at the Salem witch trials. Come on Florida arn't we getting a little extream.

October 25, 2012 Deltona, FL


Well this is ridiculous,its time people take responsibily for their lives,Im fedup of all these so called negetive people acting like they are saints,Everyone knows HIV exists why cant they ask for testing if they are concerned.

September 13, 2012 london


Hey there, why are they not holding her for posible infecting him with some STI? They both decided to do it right? Is he not just as likely to catch something from her since she has unprotected fun with at least him? who knows how much unprotected sex she has and does it impact the case at all if one or both are using mind and genital enhancing drugs ? It's so sad that she is putting herself in harms way and he is responsible for it? curious?

August 16, 2012 Taos


"her test results are unknown". Oh please. Don't legitimize these ridiculous laws. Assuming he'd been treated effectively for any amount of time and they hadn't engaged in anal sex, he's not infectious. Her test results are about as "unknown" as this guy's hair stylist's or his neighbor's. Until we can just cut the crap and recognize that the data is pretty unambiguous about what being "on meds" means, we're not going to make any progress in discussing this disclosure BS.

August 2, 2012

Frederick Wright

Again who is responsable for this policy or law and who is responsable for for this sexual relationship? I hope she is not HIV and this man is set free and receives counseling, for Florida doesn't need anotherc HIV inmate for they are an revolving door of HIV inmates , 1 comes in,one goes out community to effect,who knows, 6 or 7 more people and then back in again. Florida leaders needs to look deep inside for Maimi needs help. Governor Scott please help these women with treatment on demand.

August 2, 2012 Coachella valley


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