Are the stars’ fitness techniques healthy?

50 Cent
Weight lost: 26 pounds.
His method: Physical rehab after being shot in 2000 developed into a 1.5-hour daily workout.
Secret weapon: Liquid diet.
Expert take: Daily sweats are best, but meal-replacement drinks can cause digestion problems, says Rojean Williams, of Hebni Nutrition Consultants.  

Queen Latifah
Weight lost: 35 pounds.
Her method: Carb reduction, regular workouts with weights, Pilates and cardio.
Secret weapon: A two-day, liquid-only fast every two months.
Expert take:A carb intake of 150 to 200 grams daily helps control weight. But fasting does not promote fat loss and can lead to muscle deterioration, Williams says.

Mary J. Blige
Weight lost: 30 pounds.
Her method: Works out three days a week and follows a low-carb, low-sodium diet.
Secret weapon: Drinks a gallon of water each day.
The experts say: Water flushes impurities and “definitely helps with weight loss,” says Williams. And low sodium helps blood pressure.

Al Sharpton
Weight lost: 30 pounds.
How he did it: A two-mile walk and only one “substantial meal” (his words) a day.
Secret weapon: A 43-day, liquids-only hunger strike to protest U.S. military occupation in Vieques, Puerto Rico.
The experts say: A long-term fast can lead to gallbladder and heart problems. Walk it off, Rev.!