When I took on this assignment, I knew nothing about reconnective healing, a form of energy healing discovered by Eric Pearl, DC. But after I participated in a demonstration, I walked away with a much better understanding of the unconventional treatment.

Here, Pearl chats with Real Health about his new art of healing.



Please briefly explain reconnective healing.

Reconnective healing is really considered to be a new level of healing. It takes us beyond energy healing the way we’ve known it. Everything here obviously has an energy. This is beyond the energy that we used to be able to access and information that many of the researchers feel has not been witnessed here on the planet before. Reconnective healing allows us to regain an optimal state of balance that returns us to our natural state of health, because health is balance.

During the session I had with a reconnective health practitioner, he asked me if I felt anything. I explained I experienced a bright light in the middle of my forehead. Is this a typical reaction of other people who have had reconnective healing?

Yes it is. Many people tend to experience a bright white, gold, or purple or violet-colored light that they see in their eyes or they feel in the forehead. It’s kind of interesting that they explain using your words, that they felt a light and yet they can tell the color. Now, how can you feel the color of light? In that state of reconnective healing we move beyond the limitations of the senses and the way we experience them. Suddenly, we can develop feelings for colors, for example.

Can anyone, even someone who is a total novice, access this experience of reconnective healing?

Reconnective healing does not require any faith, any hope, any beliefs, or being open to it or not open to it. When these healings started happening, my patients were coming in to see me as a chiropractor because that’s how I was practicing before the healings even began.

A lot of the time they didn’t come in because they chose to as much as they came in because they were seemingly dragged in by a husband or wife or sister. They would come and sit down in front of me and they would cross their arms over their chest and say, “Listen, I don’t believe in this and I think this is just a pile of garbage.” And I’d say, “Well, listen, you already invested the time and money to fly to Los Angeles for this healing session, so why don’t you say to yourself, ‘Maybe it’s real and maybe it’s not.’ But whatever it is, it’s a rare opportunity for you to lie down and relax, rest your eyes and for a half hour in the middle of the day and just lie there. If nothing happens, nothing happens.” And these people would have the healings.

If anyone did not experience the healing right away that they were aware of, it usually wasn’t the person who didn’t believe in it. Instead, it was the person who came in believing in it too much. It was the person who came in saying, “It has to work. I’ve read every book on healing; I’m open to everything in the world. I put crystals under my bed.” Their need for it, their attachment became the limitation. Whereas if you don’t believe in something, it’s kind of hard to be attached to that thing.

The session I had was very interesting. I think the practitioner’s voice helped because the sound of it was very calming.


Reconnective healing actually worked for me, too, because I didn’t expect this. I’ve been practicing as a chiropractor for 12 years. I didn’t study energy healing. I didn’t plan that and I didn’t really know anything much about it. In essence, I went home one night thinking I was a chiropractor and when I came back the next day I was something else.

I had a tiny little office in Los Angeles, and all of a sudden these things started happening, and I have now trained more than 100,000 people around the world how to do this work. Of those people, 20,000 of them are mainstream health care practitioners, doctors, nurses and physical therapists, so reconnective healing is taught at hospitals and universities. I’ve also taught masters and grand masters who specialize in reiki and qi gong, and all the other healing techniques. They realized those other techniques have their limitations and they wanted to break through from that.

Eric Pearl spends his time traveling globally to teach others reconnective healing. To find a seminar near you, click here.