I flew to Cancun the morning after Hurricane Ka--trina pummeled New Orleans. Instead of sipping margaritas on la playa, I found myself glued to the television watching horror unfold at home on CNN. On the one-year anniversary of that catastrophe, we look into the state of health care for black N’Awliners now that so many of the city’s health professionals have been scattered to the ends of the earth.
Gulf Coast residents aren’t the only Americans suffering deep trauma. Many Iraq war vets are developing post-traumatic stress disorder, making it difficult for them to resume normal lives. But as Jimmie Briggs uncovered, people exposed to community, sexual, relationship and 9/11 violence are also likely to be affected. Learn about symptoms and how to get help.

The “New South” is also the new epicenter of HIV. Nine of the 11 metro areas with the highest HIV infection rates are Southern, which means black folks disproportionately live in areas where cultural and religious taboos often impede the frank sexual discussions that help prevent HIV’s spread. However, Grammy-winning recording artist India.Arie is speaking out about HIV, here and worldwide. She exemplifies the type of leadership that will be required of each of us if we want to stop AIDS from decimating black people.

In 1992, I began exchanging bacon cheeseburgers for baked chicken. My desire to eat healthfully launched me on a world tour of flavors that brightened my horizons. Culinary expert Lou Sackett gives us savory ways to prepare whole grains, explaining what they are, why they’re good for us and how to “put our foot” in them). Put your self-care first!