After I became a mother in 2008, the next year I lost my job as a strategy and business development professional. That’s when I realized I had to find a more rewarding career.

Although I’d always wanted to make a difference with my work, somehow that goal eluded me. It had gotten to the point that when people asked me what I did professionally, I would tell them I made PowerPoint slides.

One day, during a church retreat, I asked one of the female elders to pray that God would reveal my gift. She asked me what I loved to do. When I told her I loved to work with children, I felt tears in my eyes. I’d done volunteer work with children, but I’d never worked with them full-time.

That fall, I became a Tutor Doctor franchise owner in New York City. Now, I help students get better grades while helping parents get the academic support they need for their children (or themselves). I feel like a proud “auntie” when I get calls about my students improving their SAT scores or getting accepted to one of the best schools in town or someone passing a business exam and being promoted.

I am so grateful clients trust me with their educational needs. And, even though I often work evenings and weekends seven days a week, I love it.