Dyeing your hair to hide those telltale silvery strands? Be sure to maintain your hair’s health with a system that both nourishes and conditions. Johnny Wright, SoftSheen-Carson’s artistic style director, takes you through the process.

Aim for complete coverage.
Use a permanent hair color product that offers 100 percent gray coverage. Cover and blend is the rule when tackling this mission. Stay close to your original color for the most natural-looking results.

Choose the right product.
Conditioning products contain moisturizing ingredients that counteract a hair color’s drying chemical content. Choose a moisture-rich product to help keep your hair shiny and healthy. SoftSheen-Carson’s Dark & Lovely Color Confidence hair color boasts a triple-conditioning ingredient that not only moisturizes but also completely covers gray in a no-ammonia formula.

If coloring and relaxing, go easy.
When doing both processes, make sure to use a mild-strength relaxer or one designed for color-treated hair, such as SoftSheen-Carson’s Dark & Lovely Moisture Seal Plus Shea Butter Relaxer for Color-Treated Hair. It’s best, though, to wait two weeks between applying a permanent hair color and relaxer. (Note: Before attempting this, always consult with your hair care professional.)

Commit to caring for your color-treated hair.
No shortcuts, please. Get regular touch-ups and deep conditioning treatments before tinting your tresses.

Condition, condition, condition.
Hair coloring can dry out your hair. Use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners 
to keep your mane looking healthy, supple and vibrant.