When it comes to hair care, sometimes it’s tough for black girls. Why? Because black hair is more fragile, it’s extremely shrink-able when dry and it also has more elasticity, Ladies’ Home Journal reports. But with a little knowledge and the right amount of TLC, healthy black hair can be yours. Check out these basic hair care tips from celeb stylists Tippi Shorter and Titi Branch.

Hair Washing

Wash hair just once each week, Shorter and Branch agree. Too much shampooing tends to overdry African-American tresses, which are naturally prone to becoming parched.

Hair Drying

Shorter prefers to use a comb attachment when blow-drying hair. (Blow-drying with a brush excessively pulls hair—and that can cause breakage.) Branch suggests air-drying tresses or using a hooded dryer to lessen hair tugging.

Hair Extensions

Both Shorter and Branch agree that extensions and weaves, if properly cared for, can be good for your locks. How so? Sewn-in weaves protect your natural hair since tresses aren’t being straightened or exposed to damaging environmental elements. (Important: Avoid glued-in weaves because they rip out the natural hair when removed.)

Shorter recommends a salon visit every two to three weeks to ensure that hair extensions stay tight. And thoroughly cleanse the scalp to prevent product buildup and flaking.

In addition, Shorter suggests getting new extensions applied every one and a half to three months. After two consecutive weaves, she tells Ladies’ Home Journal, it’s best to allow hair a few weeks’ rest.

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