Most cosmetic surgeons will ask for medical clearance before they will do butt lifts or other cosmetic procedures, says Constantino G. Mendieta, MD. Medical conditions such as obesity, uncontrolled diabetes and high blood pressure—along with diseases such as lupus—might mean surgery must be postponed temporarily, or even permanently. Discuss with your surgeon what to expect from the procedure, possible side effects, and how long it will take to get back into your regular routine. Remember, a butt lift isn’t as simple as getting a Botox injection to smooth away wrinkles.

As part of your pre-surgery prep, know the following:

What type of anesthetics will be used?
Often, general anesthesia is used; other times, regional anesthesia. Which is your surgeon recommending and why?

Who is administering the anesthesia? Is it an anesthesiologist, a medical doctor or a certified nurse-anesthetist? These medical professionals can administer the sedating medication and are present during the procedure.

Do you have special health concerns or genetic conditions, such as sickle cell anemia and sickle cell trait, or other medical illnesses? If the answer is yes, then speak up. These or other medical conditions might influence the type, duration and delivery of anesthesia.

Do you take herbal supplements? Tell the anesthesia provider about all your medications, including herbal supplements. Be honest about your use of recreational drugs—even in the past—and the amount of liquor you consume. These issues, too, are critical in determining the types and amounts of anesthetic that docs can give you.

Have a clear understanding of what the surgery is supposed to do and what will happen afterward. Will you wake up from surgery in a recovery room? How long do patients usually stay there? Will there be medication if you feel nauseous or are in pain?

Let a family member or close friend coordinate your affairs, the discharge instructions and the medications you will take once home. And follow through on all of your surgeon’s recommendations.