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The State of AIDS Among Black Gay Men in America 2012

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I am disturbed by one of the items included in the action plan "..increase awareness of risks to young men from having sex with older men." Statistically, yes older MSM as a GROUP are more likely in cumulative years of potential exposures to be HIV+. But with the same logic, Black MSM should be avoided because of the higher HIV+ prevalence in that group. Either recommendation would be patently prejudiced. The INDIVIDUAL cannot be assumed to have the same traits of the statistical GROUP.

July 23, 2012 Dallas, TX

Greg H

Although I am not a part of the black gay community, I am very encouraged by the recent trends toward acceptance of the LGBT community in the general black community. This shift started with Obama's support of same-sex marriage, then quickly echoed by the NAACP. Hopefully, anti-gay bigotry is on its way out in the black community, and black LGBT people won't need to hide within their own families and greater black community. Openness eventually brings acceptance.

July 23, 2012 Davenport, FL


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