Winter 2012

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Taking Control
For most of her life, Basketball Wives star Tami Roman has carried an enormous anger inside, one that surfaces in ways viewers consider bullying. That may change. Through therapy, Roman is facing her issues and connecting her anger to its source: two disturbing episodes of sexual abuse.

Sound the Alarm
What you should know about child sexual abuse

A Taste for Health
People with type 2 diabetes can actually help reverse the disease by eating well.

Stick a (Big) Fork in It!
Eat-well tips for people with diabetes. Hint: You can eat more of the foods you love than you think.

Slipping Away
After my mother died of congestive heart failure, many years passed before I realized her forgetfulness and inability to do simple tasks were symptoms of that disease.

Coping at Christmas
Being realistic about a loved one's limitations can help make life easier.

Lengthy Proceedings
If you've gone natural to grow your tresses long and strong only to watch your curls and coils shrink when wet, don't tear out your hair in frustration. Instead, read this first.

Stuff We Love-Winter 2012
A roundup of the latest, must-have finds for hair, skin, health and beauty, these products are worth every cent. 

Editor's Letter-Winter 2012
Length and texture. For years, these two words summed up all that mattered to me when I thought about my hair.

Know Your Status In 8 Easy Steps
Will the at-home HIV test help reduce transmission rates?

Leave Nothing to Chance
HIV negative? Now, with PrEP, many can pop a pill to help stay that way.

For Ladies Only
Millions of women can better protect themselves from HIV—and it’s free! 

Spoken For
When autistic children can’t speak up for themselves, parents must be their voice.

Missing Pieces
What happens when surgeons close you up and leave medical instruments inside?

A Community Crisis
Although obesity threatens all Americans, black folks can end up suffering the most.

Pounds Off for Good Behavior
Three simple and successful tactics for losing weight

Time's Up?
What expiration dates on food products really mean.

Altered States
What can go wrong when companies serve up genetically modified foods?

Don't Just Do It, Work Out Right
Avoid these common exercise errors.

Walk This Way
Moms, dads and kids who work out together, stay healthier together.

Right On!
Condoms can prevent unwanted pregnancy and STIs, but only if you use them correctly.

Ask Your Family Doctor-Winter 2012
Rachael L. Ross, MD, PhD, a.k.a. Dr. Rachael answers your questions.

Don’t Be Sad
Keep your sunny outlook no matter what the weather. 

Bye Winter Blahs
Changing seasons can trigger depressive symptoms in some people. Here's what one woman did to chase the clouds away.

The Expert Says-Winter 2012
People living with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) can take steps to help themselves, says psychologist Elizabeth Waterman, PsyD.

In this video Hannah, who is featured in the summer 2015 issue of Real Health, talks about her diagnosis with the hair-pulling disorder trichotillomania.


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